Kwame Pradeep Paul Kuewor, the Founder of Agbenyega Foundation, which simply means “life is great and if you have life you have everything”, he is experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable and a neo-humanist. Born into the family of teachers, whose parents adopted and fostered many Kids in Ghana. Kwame’s interest in serving humanity selflessly dates back to his early days as an adult working as a relief aid worker building Schools for the poor in Liberia, then later worked with Ananda Marga Org as a Yoga and Meditation Instructor in Africa and Europe. Kwame studied health Service Management at University of East London, UK and thereafter he lived and worked in ten different Countries speaking four major languages: English, Dutch, French, Ewe and understands Danish, German, Africans and Swahili. In 2002, Kwame left his corporate job as a computer field technician in the Netherlands for a voluntary work in Botswana fighting against HIV/AIDS through grass root sustainable projects where he taught Women and Street Kids computer skills and repair. With the same passion and dedication to serving humanity, Kwame’s compassion and commitment to follow his parents humanitarian legacy has inspired him to pursue yet again another vision of helping the youth in some of the poor regions of his home Country Ghana. Kwame also work for IBM as an Advanced System Analyst.

Within IBM Canada, Kwame has initiated a project called the Blue Paper Project. This project is simply about collecting wasted IBM printed papers and donating it directly to Daycare Centers in Laval and Montreal to be used by Children as scrap paper for educative and/or creative art and craft purposes. Recycling is just one small step we can all take for the future of our planet. Without recycling, there is avoidable, wasteful, expensive deforestation, habitat destruction, dumping, incineration, pollution, atmospheric gas imbalance, etc., issues which adversely affect plant, animal and human health, etc. so let’s act responsibly towards the environment we live in.

Kwame with School Kids!